huntonstranda gjØvik no URBAN PLANNING




floor area





Gjøvik, NO

Housing, Comercial, Climate Adaptation

200 000 M2

170 000 M2


Gjøvik Municipality

1st Prize In Open Competition

Rune Veile, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Ewelina Purta, Kinga Murawska, Caroline Pitot, Marcus Innvær, Alexander Bredgaard

The city of Gjøvik is facing a comprehensive transformation. New coastal barriers is preparing the city to expand with new residential areas and a new cultural center.


The new master plan, significantly increases the area of Gjøvik, resulting in the city center being displaced. The city's new geographic center and central hub becomes a new ambitious cultural center with concerts and theater, library, exhibition, cinema and art school of a total of 11,000 m2. The cultural center is located at the crosssing of a new connecting pedestrian street and the river that runs through the area, creating a new central meeting point in the city. The intervention with the existing city, includes a relocation of the city's train station and a conversion of the car traffic going through the area.


One of the important parameters in the plan has been to handle the rising waterlevel in the passing river and lake Mjøsa. A new landscape park along the coast becomes a recreational area for all people living in the city, and the same time a water barrier protecting the city from future floodings. New attractive residential areas, will all have direct access to either the nature park along the lake or the new pedestrian street.

 huntonstranda gjØvik no URBAN PLANNING
 huntonstranda gjØvik no URBAN PLANNING
 huntonstranda gjØvik no URBAN PLANNING