lågen og elvebredden kongsberg no URBAN planning








Kongsberg, Norway

Activating the river, connections, activity, cafés, culture

1.250.000 m2


Kongsberg Municipality

Parallel assignment

Rune Veile, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Sara Bjelke, Ieva Valskyte, Javier Gutierrez Sainz, Marcin Żebrowski

Kongsberg is a small city located one-hour train ride from Oslo. The city is most known for its industrial history and weapon production and technology. However, the most unique quality is the Numedalslågen river and the waterfall. The main challenge of the project was to propose a coherent vision and development direction of the city. As well as to strengthen the identity focused on technology city. There is plenty of spaces around the city center and along the river, but because of quite a small population of the city, many of these places are rarely visited or stay empty.


To create more life we proposed two things: either you need to bring more people to the place or the spaces where people stay should be limited. It can also easily be a combination of both. Concretely in Kongsberg, it would be a good idea to concentrate on a few areas where urban life should unfold. In all the areas in between, one has to accept that not many people come and exploit this for something positive.


The project is based on three scales: the overall strategic scale that ensures consistency throughout the river. The medium-scale that looks at the individual areas, their qualities and potentials. And finally, an idea catalogue that describes on a smaller scale different actions that can be implemented in different places along the river.


The decisive factor for the success of the project is that there is a link between all three scales. In this way, a positive development is created, which partly works well in the individual areas and partly contributes to the overall development in a positive direction without the different parts competing with each other.


 lågen og elvebredden kongsberg no URBAN planning
 lågen og elvebredden kongsberg no URBAN planning
 lågen og elvebredden kongsberg no URBAN planning