NORDHALEØEN copenhagen DK urban strategy








Copenhagen, DK

Water Barrier, Transit Hub, Housing, Landscape Park

550.000 M2

900.000 M2


Rune Lyster (Traffic Engineer)

Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Ewlina Purta, Kinga Murawska, Michael Dragschitz

Nordhaleøen is a proposal for a combined water barrier, transit hub and housing development. It is the missing link in a fully connected and sustainable Copenhagen.


The sea level is rising and Copenhagen has a risk for being flooded. The city is going to build new water barriers to protect the city. Why not use these barriers for much more than protection.


The debate whether or not to build a ring road tunnel around Copenhagen is heavy these days. This proposal deals with the traffic in a more sustainable approach, allowing for cars in a limited amount and emphasizing the metro line as well as an attractive bike route.


With this new connection the ring around Copenhagen is full and strolling through the different harbor neighborhoods will be possible. At the same time the former shipyard ”Refshaleøen” can be developed without the cost of an expensive harbor tunnel.


Nordhaleøen is approx 550.000 M2 containing around 900.000 M2 of housing, offices etc. The island is thought to be a sustainable showcase with a negative carbon footprint - it produces more energy than it consumes. Further more  it adds a great park for recreation as well as a sunset beach.

 NORDHALEØEN copenhagen DK urban strategy
 NORDHALEØEN copenhagen DK urban strategy
 NORDHALEØEN copenhagen DK urban strategy