How to improve the Danish nature and create much better conditions for biodiversity and our environment? A national strategy is needed in order to connect the many small parts of nature scattered all over the country divided by highways, agriculture, industries etc.

Today 14% of the Danish landscape is covered by forest. The official goal from the Ministry of the Environment is 20-25% forest by 2100. But we should aim much higher both in terms of quantity as well as quality.


The goal of this vision is to reserve 40% of the country’s area for nature and ensure that the areas are all well connected. New landscape corridors must be created, highways crossed by fauna bridges, and special areas designated and eventually transformed into wild nature. By doing so we enable animals as well as humans to move freely across the country in a lush green landscape. Conditions for biodiversity are significantly improved, while inhabitants as well as tourists get access to much better recreational areas.

In several places, the conversion from agriculture to wild nature is already ongoing. But we should plan the development carefully, in order to create the best possible nature. We need to rethink our landscape – and do it

  • Location All Denmark
  • Status Vision
  • Program Development Strategy for the nature of Denmark
  • Team Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Laj Karsten, Magnus Kalf, Sandra Trochimowicz


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