As a part of the ongoing area development of the western part of Finsensvej, 4 private plots with existing buildings has the potential to become a more integrated part in the larger local ‘block’, enhancing connections to and from its surroundings.

This proposal focuses on highlighting the possibilities of these plots, taking down barriers, creating new life between the buildings and adding new volumes and functions within this micro site.

As a strategic urban analysis several elements and outcomes have been tested to challenge the site’s current restrictions and physical barriers. Being surrounded by several institutions and Flintholm Station the 4 plots of Finsensvej will be opened up and better connected to the nearby context and it’s functions.

Improving the courtyards’ existing trees and vegetations are key to creating more usable and human friendly outdoor spaces with recreation value, which are linked to the other existing nature and paths in the overall block which the 4 plots are a part of. Marking entrances and exits combined with better lighting makes the paths more attractive to use, making shortcuts for soft traffic possible.

The new added buildings help to densify the block and framing the paths, while respecting the existing vegetation and daylight conditions. The building’s shapes are made to create small edge zones and intimate spaces, also activating the outdoor spaces by adding the possibility of new housing units to the plots.

  • Location Frederiksberg, Denmark
  • Client Frederiksberg Municipality
  • Year 2023-2024
  • Status Ongoing
  • Program Transformation, urban space, landscape, housing, mixed use
  • Site area 8.000 sqm
  • Floor area 5.190 sqm
  • Collaborators Thing Brandt Landskab
  • Team Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Ruben Andersen, Florencia Sawon, Reza Mansouri


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