Placed in the last available plot in the Musion area, in Roskilde, this proposal aims to create a new neighbourhood with a strong sustainable identity focusing on wood construction, green areas and social interaction. In order to achieve a maximum reduction of CO2-emissions load bearing structures are entirely from wood. The new buildings form a great contrast to the historic industrial concrete structures and generate a vibrant urban area.

URBAN POWER designed this proposal for two different buildings for the Musicon area, a residential building and a commercial building, both placed along the main connection axis, Rabaldersstræade. The site contains an old industrial concrete structure, now a center for skate activities in the area. The very special atmosphere of the site and the desire to implement new highly sustainable buildings inspired the use of CLT wood construction in both buildings.


The residential building “+Hus” contains many different typologies hosting all sorts of different people and lifestyles. A rigid grid structure of the building dissolves and merges with the adjacent green area “The Green Puls”.


Ollie, is the commercial part of the project. The buildings lift up from the ground, and invite people to come inside with a sculptural stair/circulation area. The inside is flexible in the way that it can both be separated in several different shops, or be completely open to house one big shop or pop-up areas.

  • Location Roskilde , Denmark
  • Year 2022
  • Status Vision
  • Program Housing, Retail, Commercial & urban spaces
  • Site area 2.500m2²
  • Collaborators Generous development
  • Team Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Martin Näf, Eloïse Birkeland, Laj Karsten


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