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Rødovre City Centre

A recreative green vein planted with grasses and trees collects the rainwater while connecting the functionally diverse areas of the new city centre. 

The urban plan focuses on accentuating the human aspects of urban life by encouraging activities around the buildings, whether they inhabit businesses or residents.

URBAN POWER made the urban strategy and design manual for the future development of the extension of central Rødovre.

Beginning with the design of the public spaces, the plan for Rødovre town centre seeks to promote liveliness throughout the area and connect the different elements: The iconic Town Hall and Library by Arne Jacobsen, the culture house, the public gardens, the squares of the new residential area and the technical college.

Furthermore, the project encompasses a proposed masterplan for the development of the area from industry to housing and a design manual, both full of the ambition of making Rødovre centrum an attractive, interesting place to live. 

The area will be pedestrian and bicycle friendly and promote the movement between the near-by green parks, encouraging outdoor activity and the use of the city.

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  • Location Rødovre, Denmark
  • Client Rødovre municipality
  • Year 2018-22
  • Status Ongoing
  • Program Housing, public space, climate adaptation
  • Site area 60.000 m²
  • Floor area 80.000 m²
  • Team Sara Buhl Bjelke, Rune Veile, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Ewalina Purta, Kinga Murawska, Agnija Rubene

Rødovre City Centre RØDOVRE DK

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