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Stejlepalletten will be one of the first buildings in the new Stejlepladsen neighborhood. The intentions of the plan are based on the original self-grown village-like buildings that already exist in the area. Here, diversity, extroverted communities and a strong identity are in focus. Through compositions in facade materials, proportions in human scale and a strong visual expression, Stejlepalleten sets the stage for this special identity.

The many small individual homes are emphasized by the composition of the facade. While the common areas are kept in wood, the rest of the facade is an assembly, of many different materials and colors.

The building, designed by URBAN POWER, contains a total of 35 public student housing units as well as shared facilities. In terms of sustainability, the idea behind the facade palette is based on the use of discarded cladding materials. The construction also focuses on the social interaction and the entire construction is DGNB-certified. Designed as a low cost public housing project, optimization of resources and social sustainability are key factors.

  • Location Stejlepladsen, Copenhagen DK
  • Client PFA & By og Havn
  • Year 2021-2023
  • Status Ongoing
  • Program Public Student Housing
  • Site area 500 m2
  • Floor area 1550 m2
  • Collaborators Arkitema, MOE, Nordconsult, Kragh & Berglund
  • Team Arne Cermak Nielsen, Rune Veile, Sara Bjelke, Thea Gasseholm, Eloise Birkeland, Javier Sainz

Stejlepaletten KØBENHAVN DK

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