The positive effect of connectivity from highways comes along with a harmful impact of noise and secondary challenges for suburban coherence. Some of these challenges can be solved by widening the perspective from a one track focus on noise, to a coherent attention on the qualities that make the suburb unique.

“Suburban Highways” is an interdisciplinary knowledge project with a holistic view on both economy and feasibility along with the human dimension. The case area is a 15 km mobility corridor passing through residential, commercial and industrial areas, forests, lakes and wetlands. Each area is unique, with a diverse set of challenges and opportunities.

The four cases along the corridor range from light typologies like screens and tubes with landscape corridors – to covered highways, combined with recreational paths, connections for cyclists, urban densification, climate adaptation and energy production. All cases are analyzed and designed to give maximum impact for multiple stakeholders with the potential of co-financing from road authorities, municipalities, landowners, investors and utility companies.

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  • Location Furesø and Gladsaxe
  • Client Furesø Municipality, Gladsaxe Municipality, Realdania
  • Year 2021-22
  • Status Report
  • Program Analysis, urban planning, feasibility study
  • Site area 50.000.000 m2
  • Collaborators Cowi, Urban Creators
  • Team Arne Cermak Nielsen, Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Magnus Kalf HAnsen, Martin Näf, Johanna Jasmin Jungeblut

SUBURBAN HIGHWAYS Gladsaxe and Furesø DK

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