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agro-urban structure
agro-urban structure
agro-urban structure

Agro Food Park

Innovation within agriculture and nutrition is the focus of Agro Food Park, reflected in the central position of “The Lawn”: A compact agricultural land strip, functioning as an living outdoor showroom for new crops, as well as an inspiring space for a walk and talk.

Encircled by offices, laboratories and research facilities, the Agro Food Park is a lively ecosystem, where knowledge sharing is encouraged by a dense agro-urban structure optimised for walking, with parking placed in the periphery.

URBAN POWER developed the plan for Agro Food Park together with GXN (circular design), Urland (agro-planning) and William Mcdonough & Partners (Cradle to cradle).

Through the built environment, the plan creates a density of activity by placing different actors and innovative businesses in close orbit around each other, thereby facilitating knowledge-sharing within the field of agricultural research. 

This is further supported by the area’s shared facilities such as the Food Lab, green house meeting rooms and the testing fields. 

Sustainability is promoted on all levels, with cars being restricted to a parking lot which doubles as an orchard, while the many facilities have an additional social and educational value in teaching people about the origin of food.

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  • Location Aarhus, Denmark
  • Client Agro Food Park
  • Year 2015-2025
  • Status 1st prize in parallel assignment
  • Program Offices, facilities for research, laboratories and education
  • Site area 1.125.000 m²
  • Floor area 225.000 m²
  • Investment opportunities Plots available. Contact for further information
  • Collaborators GXN, Urland, William Mcdonough & Partners
  • Team Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Rune Veile, Aleksander Borg, Anne Sophie Gouyen, Elva Nano, Lucia Napuri

Agro Food Park AARHUS DK

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