mixed-use urban area
mixed-use urban area
mixed-use urban area

Høje C

A park stretch connects the surrounding recreational spaces, giving the residents a common, lush area that doubles as a rainwater management system.

The mixed-use area varies in typology, from the tall tower structure, defining the urban edge of the district, to the low/dense structure mitigating the transition between the built environment and the natural area of the nearby rainwater park.

URBAN POWER designed the urban plan and public space for the Høje C area backed by Kragh & Berglund (landscape).

An innovative and creative zone with its own unique identity, the MUSICON district features a rainwater park, a skate facility and a small wooded area that all function as recreational spaces for the existing residents.

The plan for Høje C builds on these qualities and incorporates itself into the fabric of the community with its green, urban promenade, diverse typology and mix of different functions, as the strategy plans for both row houses, apartments, an educational facility and a high-rise hotel.

Read more about water management in residential areas: Godsbanen, Huntonstranda, Jomfrusti District

  • Location Roskilde, Denmark
  • Client MUSICON, Roskilde municipality
  • Year 2014
  • Program Housing, public space, rainwater management
  • Site area 10.000 m²
  • Floor area 16.500 m²
  • Collaborators Kragh & Berglund
  • Team Sara Buhl Bjelke, Rune Veile, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Simon Hou-Vangsaae Reseke, Kyle Kithas, Martin Hlozka


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