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renewable energy future copenhagen
renewable energy future copenhagen
renewable energy future copenhagen
renewable energy future copenhagen


Holmene is a response to the future demand for knowledge intensive industry and renewable energy in the Greater Copenhagen area. In support of that aim, the location on the coast of Hvidovre places the proposed industrial area in proximity to highly skilled labour, universities and the international airport.

Built as an archipelago, Holmene will enhance the access to the seaside, forming a new recreational landscape with diverse vegetation that attracts wildlife , while protecting the existing shore towards the anticipated  rising sea levels.

The strategic design for Holmene is developed by URBAN POWER, who led the process from the initial idea, through optimisation and production of  film and visualizations. 

Planned as several islands that can be built gradually as the need arises, Holmene is resilient to future changed requirements and programmatic modifications. One of the islands is reserved for green tech solutions, such as biogas production from waste water treatment and “Power-to-X” hydrogen production from surplus windpower.

The plan furthermore creates an attractive natural environment with fields of wild vegetation and many kilometers of coastline, where watersports can be enjoyed and natural life can exist. As such, Holmene provides both social, natural and technical improvements to life in and around the capital of Denmark.

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  • Location Hvidovre, Denmark
  • Client Hvidovre municipality
  • Year 2018-2045
  • Status Vision, environmental impact assessment (2019), construction (2022)
  • Program Knowledge intensive industrial area, renewable energy production, flood barrier, nature and recreational areas
  • Site area 3.080.000 m²
  • Floor area 1.500.000 m²
  • Collaborators COWI, DHI, MOE | tetraplan, Rambøll, Aglaja
  • Team Sara Buhl Bjelke, Rune Veile, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Hannah Knudsen, Ewelina Purta, Kinga Murawska, Ida Lykke Christensen, Agnija Rubene, Tien-Yi Su

Holmene Hvidovre DK

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