densifying activity architecture
densifying activity architecture
densifying activity architecture

Kongsberg river banks

Densifying activity around the rivershores is essential to stimulate the urban life of Kongsberg. 

By planning uniquely attractive housing by the water, connecting the town with bridges across the river and drawing in pedestrians with dramatic wooden walkways, the area could come alive and facilitate the success of cultural initiatives, tourism and active living.

URBAN POWER was invited by the municipality of Kongsberg to identify the potential of the town’s areas divided by the river. 

Situated an hour north of Oslo, Kongsberg is known for its industrial heritage of mining and defense technologies. There are a handful of public spaces spread out over the town, but with the relatively small population, the spaces are often desolate, lacking the desirable urban activity. 

As the town spans across the river, the creation of a few, attractive urban spaces and the establishment of a pedestrian bridge would pull in activity from both sides and make the river a central meeting place. The strategy for Kongsberg reflects on the town’s technological heritage and thus strengthens the identity.

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  • Location Kongsberg, Norway
  • Client Kongsberg municipality
  • Year 2019
  • Status Parallel assignment
  • Program Activating the river banks, connections, activities, culture, housing
  • Site area 1.250.000 m²
  • Team Rune Veile, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Sara Bjelke, Ieva Valskyte, Javier Gutierrez Sainz, Marcin Żebrowski

Kongsberg river banks KONGSBERG NO

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