cycling and walking infrastructure

Historic Town Centre

With the historical sites and buildings, forests and fields, good shopping streets and a stream running through the center of town, Næstved has wonderful qualities that should be accentuated to secure the town’s vivaciousness and prosperity. 

Infrastructure focused on cycling and walking with car traffic limited in attractive areas, lead people to upgraded public spaces of cultural interest.

URBAN POWER designed the urban strategy for the historic city center of Næstved. 

Within years, Næstved will be better connected by train and highway to the capital. Improving the living quality in the town with strategically good urban renewals, the town has the opportunity to bolster its citizen numbers. 

The plan for the town is to construct quality housing and secure good connectivity in already desirable locations along the stream or adjacent to the parks, while the social and cultural hotspots are advertised by upgrading the surrounding area with urban seating, good views, playful  activities and greenery.

Read more about urban planning and revival: Brøndby Strand Parkerne, Jomfrusti District

  • Location Næstved, Denmark
  • Client Næstved municipality
  • Year 2016-2017
  • Status Masterplan approved
  • Program Housing, commercial, infrastructure, urban space, historic buildings
  • Site area 700.000 m²
  • Floor area 120.000 m² (added)
  • Investment opportunities Plots available. Contact for further information
  • Collaborators Urban Creators
  • Team Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Emil Göhns, Alba Teiga, Ewelina Purta

Historic Town Centre NÆSTVED DK

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