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Nørreport pedestrian street

Turning a pedestrian high street in decline into a destination for more than just shopping, requires a renewal of the identity.

The strategy for Nørreport pedestrian street raises the standard and activates the spaces in front of the shops, whilst also introducing new public functions. As an evident effect, the rental frequency has already risen within the first year.

URBAN POWER developed the strategy and design manual in close collaboration with shop owners, artists and others of entrepreneurial spirit. First stage of the project was released in 2019 and will continue in an ongoing process.

The project involved an upgrade in both appearance and spirit by re-doing facades, lighting, seating and greenery, making the street a destination for shoppers, tourists and locals alike. The furniture is composable from smaller parts, and can thus be adapted to suit the needs of different activities; it can be a bench or a terrasse, decorated with planters for flowers, or it can be a hanger for the exhibition of clothes.

New specialty shops that offer delicacies, art and handcrafted items have already opened within the first year, while the new urban furniture give people somewhere to rest and enjoy. An array of different overhanging lamps contribute to an artisanal atmosphere of low-key luxury and shine a warm light over the street at night. 

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  • Location Aabenraa, Denmark
  • Client Aabenraa municipality
  • Year 2018-2019
  • Status Ongoing
  • Program Public space, street manual for retail and recreation
  • Site area 2.400 m²
  • Collaborators ArtSpot, KALB and local shop owners
  • Team Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Camilla Engberg, Ewelina Purta, Kinga Murawska, Caroline Pitot, Leonardo Massala, Laura Venturi, Bjartur Clementsen

Nørreport pedestrian street AABENRAA DK

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