The Green Carpet

Nature is under pressure and especially the cities are a challenge for both plants and animals. Luckily, in these years, focus on biodiversity in the cities is increasing. Not only for the benefit of insects, birds, and other animals, but also for people who achieve a much higher life quality with easy access to green spaces. Søren Kierkegaards Plads, is today a deserted stone desert, and an obvious place for creating a center for urban nature.

The proactive proposal from URBAN POWER combines a park with a new center for urban nature and biodiversity. The urban space will be informative, function as an experimental garden and become a new central oasis in the heart of Copenhagen. Beneath the green carpet, a center informing about making cities greener can be found. The park will be a showcase for habitats that can be integrated into urban environments. Here you will find examples of green rainwater management, various species of trees, shrubs and other plants that can grow in the city. Features such as play areas, meditation zones, viewing platforms and small intimate pockets are all integrated in The Green Carpet.

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  • Location Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Year 2021
  • Program Park and Center for Urban Nature
  • Team Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Marcio Thomasi da Silva

The Green Carpet COPENHAGEN DK

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