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floor area





Hamar, NO

Housing, Urban Space

20.000 m2

24.386 m2


Hamar Mulnicipality

1st Prize in international competition, on going

Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Arne Cermak Nielsen, Kinga Murawska, Alexander Bredgaard, Sabela Barreiro, Tien-Yi Su, Michael Dragschitz

HAMAR HILLS is the winning proposal of the competition for a new experimental and sustainable housing district in Ankerhagen Hamar, Norway.


Hamar city wants to densify the urban areas around the city center and the strategy so far has been to replace villas with housing block. Hamar Hills proposes a new concept based on buildings merging from villas to housing blocks. Integration in nature plays an important role in the project, as green areas, natures pathways and a streams of water influence the shape of the housing blocks.


Social interaction and sustainable living conditions are key factors in the design of this housing area. Different types of housing ranging from small starter apartments to row houses and roof top apartments are integrated into each housing block, creating a great mix of different types of people and different income groups. Each block has its own community house with different functions. The community houses are all connecting to the inner green landscape, that runs through the whole area. This inner park becomes a great play area for all people, not only in Ankerhagen but for all surrounding neighborhoods as well.


Construction of the buildings will be completely out of wood. Car parking is minimized and bicycles embraced. The future Ankerhagen will become a highly sustainable neighborhood with minimal CO2 emissions and great social potentials for the whole area.

 ankerhagen hamar hamar no housing
 ankerhagen hamar hamar no housing
 ankerhagen hamar hamar no housing