Village Clusters Lomma SE masterplan




floor area





Lomma, SE

Housing, Urban Space, Recreational Area, Natural Park

853.230 m2

110.000 m2


Lomma Municipality


Arne Cermak Nielsen, Rune Veile, Sara Buhl Bjelke, Tien-Yi Su, Sabela Barreiro, Kinga Murawska

Surrounded by two traditional suburban expansions a new long term plan is needed for the future development. URBAN POWER suggest a district that accommodate a large variety of accommodation types, that attracts a broader perspective of co-living based on the existing qualities of the landscape. Contrasting the endless repetitive and introvert single family house structure, small village clusters are build on slightly elevated land areas between zones of wetland. The villages can accommodate both single family houses, town house structures, small scale apartment buildings as well as farm house inspired housing typologies - placed on fertile farm land there are good opportunities for growing crops, livestock and local food production as a social unifying activity for the communities. The wetlands provide a simple structure for rainwater management that blends naturally with the existing wetlands, groves and meadows. A new forest at the edge of the new neighborhood frames the development and compensates the urbanization with improved biodiversity.

 Village Clusters Lomma SE masterplan
 Village Clusters Lomma SE masterplan
 Village Clusters Lomma SE masterplan